The SWD trapping network provides weekly trap counts for growers to assist in pest management decisions.

SWD biology and distribution, trap construction and resources, and insecticide recommendations. 

SWD Updates

[4/10/2020] A new 2-episode series on What's Killing my Kale podcast that focuses on spotted wing Drosophilla (SWD) management is available. Listen to the podcast here

[8/30/2019]  As we approach wine grape harvest in the next 2-3 weeks, growers should remain vigilant in monitoring SWD (ideally, using traps located at on-farm vineyards), and if flies are present (e.g., trap catch >10 flies/week), consider using one of 4 alternating insecticides prior to harvest (e.g., Delegate or Entrust [organic-certified], Mustang Maxx, and Malathion). Read the entire article here