Male SWD

The Department of Entomology and the MN IPM Program (UMN Extension), in collaboration with the MDA, are monitoring multiple farm locations in MN and will be posting regular updates regarding SWD phenology and activity on the SWD page.


Although Brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) has been limited to a handful of locations, one overwintering population has been identified. For information on potential impacts of BMSB establishment in Minnesota, view the BMSB page


[12/17/2020] The University of Minnesota has been conducting annual strawberry variety trials for the last 38 years (1982-2020) in Grand Rapids, MN and Morris, MN. summary of their work is available here.

[10/29/2020] The UMN Extension Fruit and Vegetable Team is hosting three upcoming virtual events that you may be interested in.