Male SWD

The Department of Entomology and the MN IPM Program (UMN Extension), in collaboration with the MDA, are monitoring multiple farm locations in MN and will be posting regular updates regarding SWD phenology and activity on the SWD page.

SWD on purple raspberry

SWD counts continued to increase this past week, with major, exponential increases in traps located near Summer- and Fall-bearing raspberry (>1400/trap near Andover). Commercial growers should be well into their IPM and Organic management programs for SWD. 

SWD numbers again increased this past week, at most locations, with many locations exceeding 100/trap/week, and in Forest Lake, reaching 500/week. This not only included commercial berry farms, but also increases at some of the nature preserve, state/county parks (>100/week); SWD trap catch in parks likely reflects this fruit fly’s attraction to many wild host plants, such as honeysuckle early in the season, and possibly wild grapes, blackberries and raspberries, becoming more dominant in July-August. 

In addition, the MDA-SWD network of volunteers, also reported trap catches for several counties this week (Aitkin, Cass and Winona), in addition to previous Metro-area and southern counties; their web page, & additional updates can be viewed at:


Although Brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) has been limited to a handful of locations, one overwintering population has been identified. For information on potential impacts of BMSB establishment in Minnesota, view the BMSB page