[9/27/2016] Despite the cool temperatures, SWD infestations in grapes remain high.

[9/1/2016] Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD) continues to demonstrate why it is one of the more devastating invasive insect pests in Minnesota. This has been another record year for SWD population numbers, with some locations exceeding 1500-2000/trap per week, in the metro area. 

[7/27/2016] SWD counts continued to increase this past week, with major, exponential increases in traps located near Summer- and Fall-bearing raspberry (>1400/trap near Andover). Commercial growers should be well into their IPM and Organic management programs for SWD. 

[7/7/206] As per last week, the story remains similar, with increasing trap catches of SWD adults. Ripening and ripe fruit of strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry is susceptible and continues to be at risk for SWD infestation. 

[6/29/2016] Numbers of SWD in traps continue to increase across the state.  All traps were positive this week with the highest single trap catch at 37 flies. Female flies continue to account for the majority of flies captured. Based on past years trap data, we expect SWD numbers to continue to increase over the next several weeks.

[6/22/206] Following last week’s report of the first SWD this summer (as of June 13th), SWD traps at most metro-area and southern locations (Houston Co.) continued to be positive this week (June 20th), with some significant increases in Houston Co., Rosemount (UMORE Park, UMN) and Waverly, MN. Trap catches this week did include a few zero counts, but several went as high as 7 to 13/trap at some locations.  

[6/15/2016] The first SWD adults, collected in apple cider vinegar (ACV) traps, were confirmed Monday, June 13th, at several locations in the 7 county metro.  

[1/30/2014] Scientists at the University of Minnesota have confirmed a new invasive fruit fly in Minnesota.